Something shimmering on the river’s surface. Pause before rushing to inspect what it is, and consider the shapeshifting malicious faeries who live in the deepest depths of lakes and rivers. 

As the Stories Go

As the stories go, women out tending to their washing in the river might catch a glimmer of something floating on the water’s surface. A golden ring, or in some stories a wooden bowl. A shiny jewel could tempt their eye, shimmering just under the surface of the water near their work. If these women, or their children, were to fall prey to their curiosity the Dracae would make their move. 

What are the Dracae?

They are water spirits who venture from their homes in search of people to enslave. Women with new babes are a favourite victim of the Dracae, they are able to feed and care for the Dracae offspring. Children too, for they are likely good company. They will entice innocents along the water’s edge and in the blink of an eye, they shift to their true form and grab hold. Once in the clutches of a Drac, the victim will find themselves pulled to the depths and put to work raising the next generation of Dracae. Is it a comfort to know this fairy does not kill their victims? Only those incautious enough to grab a gift from the Dracae can really decide. For the next seven years, they’ll be beholden to the Dracae and their brood. Perhaps in the future, a good bit of caution is advised when finding trinkets along the shore.