Goal Setting For A Paris Sketch Book

Goal Setting For A Paris Sketch Book
It’s day two of sketching. I started on Friday last week and will continue to add a page or two every weekday to finish off this moleskin sketch book by the end of September. The idea is to have it full by the time Inktober starts. It’s very easy for me to completely neglect sketching so I’m posting my drawings on Instagram everyday to help keep me on track. Nothing fancy or refined, the idea is to simply keep the sketching going daily.

If I can meet my goal to finish this in September, when we make our mini trip to Paris, France, I’ll treat myself to a sketchbook from there. We don’t really buy souvenirs when we travel, but I’d love to pick up a sketchbook from Paris. It’ll always keep the memories fresh when I use it. I wonder if anyone else has strong memories associated with their sketchbooks. I know where each one of mine came from, each having its own time frame and accompanying memories.

Stephanie Hagen
Fairy Wing Studio

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